Trip Savings Scheme (TSS)

The process of saving for travel can be exciting and rewarding, and it is important to develop disciplined saving habits to achieve travel goals. Having a dedicated travel savings plan can help to reach these goals and make the trip a reality. To help tourists save for their travel plans, a company has introduced a Trip Savings Scheme (TSS) with monthly investment plans of different amounts and tenures to suit their travel plans.
The Trip Savings Scheme (TSS) offers several benefits, such as saving money for future trips.
(For example, if you invest Rs. 1,000 per month for 11 months, then GTT pay one month’s EMI, and you get Rs. 12,000 for your trips. (If you choose 12 months policy).
Similarly, If you invest for 17 months, you get Rs. 18,500 (If you choose 18 month’s policy).
And for 23 month’s, you get Rs. 25,000 (If you choose 24 month’s policy).


TSS offers a range of investment amounts and tenures to suit individual travel plans, making it flexible and convenient for users.
TSS offers attractive savings benefits with a bonus on the final EMI payment. This bonus can be used to fund the travel expenses, making it an affordable option.
Individuals can withdraw their investment after the lock-in period of three months, making it a convenient option in case of any change of plans.
The scheme also offers cost adjustments, which means that any difference in the trip cost and the investment amount will be adjusted before 30 days of the journey date.