About Us

About Us

Golden Ticket Tourism Services

Golden Ticket Tourism Services is Kolkata based travel and tourism services,we mainly focused on travelling all over India in reasonable rates.

We aim at expanding our business all over India in the coming 5 years. Currently, we
have served 150+ customers across 7+ states in India. Over the next five years, we
envision having a 1000+ customer base and cover tours in almost all states of India.

Why choose us?

We strive to provide our customers with the best services so they are always satisfied.
Our company recognizes the value of money, so we always strive to provide better services at reasonable prices to our customers.
Customers are encouraged to travel or tour with more people they know, since their tours are less expensive, and the company rewards loyalty programs in those cases.
Our customers who rely on our services and are loyal to us will be rewarded with loyalty and bonuses.
We also design customized trips based on the needs of the customers
Almost all of our customer’s needs are met by our support team

Golden Ticket Tourism Service’s

Our vision at Golden Ticket TourismService is to bring all our customers a joyful, comfortable, and joyful journey through India at reasonable prices while experiencing the thrill of travel.